2018 Mini Maker Faire Hosted at Cabrillo


The third annual Mini Maker Faire was hosted at Cabrillo's Visual, Applied, and Performing Arts, VAPA, complex on Saturday, May 5th. Over 50 interactive booths and workshops came together from across Santa Cruz County to give community members of all ages new creative experiences. People could choose from creating their own virtual reality, watching a Foundry Bronze pour, or flying a drone. In addition to the fun, you could enjoy locally based restaurants and performers on the grass in front of Crocker Theater. 

Colorful booths of creativity were standing throughout VAPA's grounds. Some with merchandise, art, and some even put on a show. Puppeteers were in control of their extravagant puppets, making crowds laugh and wonder how they were constructed.  The 3D art studios were especially popular - giving the community a chance to  to form clay into structures with wheel throwing techniques and create impressions in metal using laser cut stencils..

 With mini-maker faires throughout the world, Cabrillo is proud to be one of the sites. These community events ensures awareness of innovative technologies bringing together hobbyists, students, and enthusiasts under the maker movement. You can find details of further Maker Faires on their website: santacruz.makerfaire.com