Cabrillo Instructor Builds Custom Standing Desk

Alex Yasbek, adjunct Engineering Instructor Shares His Latest Project

Here is the standing desk I made using the shopbot for Ricardo Espinoza in Supplemental Education. The desk is a success (thanks Chris for your invaluable help!). The desk is very sturdy and went together without the need for glue or fasteners. Total cost was just under $200. Ricardo says that he is much happier in his office and that he feels better physically at the end of the day (he really does not like sitting). Ricardo is also a veteran and has been discussing redoing the reception desk in the Veteran center with Flor Chacon - again the new desk would be made by the Makerspace. 

I am really excited to see the integration of the Makerspace into the rest of campus and would love to know if there are any ideas or suggestions to help keep the ball rolling with these kinds of projects. How do we brag/publicize these things? In what other ways can we be serving the campus community? Is this sort of project still beneficial to the Makerspace?

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