Subsidized Internships Available
for your Organization

If you are a member of the business or non-profit sector, you may be interested in hosting Cabrillo College Makerspace interns at your organization.

We have partnered with Courtney Cogan, Employment Services Specialist and Job Developer at Goodwill Central Coast (, and her wonderful team at Goodwill Industries, to work with you and us in connecting your organization with trained Cabrillo College Makerspace student interns in such areas as:

  • Rapid prototyping and iterative product design and fabrication using CNC machines, 3D scanners and printers, laser cutters/engravers, and vinyl cutters
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques
  • Training and outreach on new maker technology/processes
  • Other emerging technologies and processes requiring a combination of artistic/creative design and making skills, coupled with technical/engineering skills.
  • CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Manufacturing)

Internship Options

  1. Off-campus/at work site experience - a traditional workplace internship experience in maker-related focus areas outlined above
  2. Project-based internship completed in the Cabrillo College Makerspace for the internship provider. Work will be done by a single student or small team of students (3-4), with internship provider evaluation and oversight, to include, perhaps, training done on-site at the Cabrillo Makerspace by the internship host  

Setting up internships

Once you've determined the kind of internship arrangement described above that best serves your organization, Courtney Cogan at Goodwill Central Coast will coordinate with you, the internship host, and with Cabrillo College to:

  • Identify internship provider's goals/job description/needs
  • Establish scope/timeframe for the internship (Minimum of 20 hours required; placements starting immediately)
  • Pre-screen and pair Cabrillo Makerspace student interns with internship providers

Internship length and funding

Internships must be a minimum of 20 hours, but could expand to 60 or more.
The Foundation for California Community Colleges (FCCC) has generously offered to pay for up to 20 hours of the internship and serve as the employer of record. The Cabrillo College Foundation (CCF) has also generously agreed to subsidize additional internship hours up to 60. Additional hours beyond those subsidized by the FCCC and CCF might be paid by the internship host. 


If you are interested in hosting Cabrillo Makerspace interns, please contact: 
Courtney Cogan
Goodwill Central Coast
Office: 831-423-8611; ext. 8214
Cell: 831-291-2233