Project Workshops

Makerspace Weekend Project Workshops are focused around a specific project. Whether you are a Makerspace member or not, you will have the opportunity to use both traditional making tools and equipment, along with digital fabrication, to create unique, custom designed projects.

Some of the work is completed by Makerspace staff, while some is completed by students.  The goal is to open the Makerspace to those who are less familiar with the specific equipment or tools, but who want experiences that help them create individual projects.

Members pay discounted registration fees on Equipment Training and Project Workshops! See below for discounted Makerspace Member fees.


Design and Make Your Own Wooden Sign


Have you ever wanted a custom wooden sign for your business, to put in your garden or yard, or an address sign to hang on your house?
This weekend workshop will guide you through the steps to shape and customize a small wooden sign with traditional woodworking techniques, using hand and power tools, combined with new technology in our brand-new, state-of-the-art Makerspace.

We'll begin by shaping pine or redwood “blanks”, up to 12” x 18”, then students may select up to 20 letters or numbers for their sign. Your instructor will demonstrate use of hand and power tools, as well as Makerspace equipment, including the laser engraver, CNC router and other digital fabrication tools, to carve or etch signs. Some signs will be completed in class so students may see the digital fabrication equipment at work, while some of the laser cutting and etching will be completed by Makerspace staff between day one and day two. Your finished, sealed sign will be your own design, made with your own hands and advanced fabrication equipment!

Saturday & Sunday, April 21 & 22
9am – 1pm
Room: 1301
Fee: $150
Makerspace Member Price: $95 (call the Extension office to register with your discounted Membership price!)
Plus a $25 materials fee paid at registration


Design and Make Your Own Solar Garden Lantern

Imagine a small pagoda glowing in your garden, powered by solar energy, with light shining through custom designed panels! Students will spend time working with traditional woodworking tools in the Cabrillo woodshop, as well as the brand-new, state-of-the-art Makerspace, where we'll introduce technology for customizing a removable panel and install a solar light unit. Make a lantern with butterfly panels, abstract patterns, or an image you design and create.

Students will learn and practice basic woodworking skills, see how to utilize a CNC router and laser engraver, and finally install small solar lighting fixtures. This class invites students to creatively combine traditional making with advanced technology, and you’ll go home with a beautiful garden lantern. 

2 Sundays & 1 Saturday, March 18, 24 & 25
Sundays : 10am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 1pm
Room: 3003 and Makerspace
Fee: $185
Makerspace Member Price: $95 (call the Extension office to register with your discounted Membership price!)
Plus a $45 materials fee paid at registration