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Anyone can purchase a Makerspace Membership!

Membership allows you to utilize all of the equipment, gives you access to trained staff & experienced mentors, and you get discounts on Makerspace Weekend Workshops!  Memberships are available month-to-month or by the semester.

The number of Makerspace Memberships are limited to assure that each member has ample access to equipment, Mentors and Makerspace Support Staff.

Memberships are perfect For:

  • Creating something to display at a Maker Faire

  • Creating a prototype for a product

  • Making components for your artwork

  • Custom parts for cars or machinery

  • Working one-on-one with an expert and/or in groups to design and produce your project

  • Combining traditional tools and digital fabrication equipment for ongoing learning and exploration


The Makerspace is open Monday- Friday: 5:00 – 8:30 pm. Before using equipment, members need to goto room 1302, the Makerspace Cleanspace to sign-in.

Additionally, members are required to complete safety primers to assure that each member safely and successfully utilizes all of our traditional equipment. Members will be lead through the safe usage of traditional tools, machines and equipment, and will review the Makerspace Member Handbook.

Explore the following links to learn more!


Makerspace Support Staff are on site and available during membership hours to assure safety, and can assist with tool and equipment utilization. Makerspace Mentors are also often at the Makerspace to offer guidance and input. Mentors are students who have completed Digital Fabrication classes here at Cabrillo, or who have expert industry experience, and can assist members using the tools and equipment, and collaborating on projects and concepts.


Equipment demos are scheduled regularly to demonstrate how the tools and equipment may be utilized. Cabrillo Faculty and Makerspace Support Staff will give weekly demonstrations on digital fabrication equipment. Theses demos will allow members to see various capabilities of the equipment. For more details, including the schedule and topics, please see the Makerspace upcoming events.


All members having completed a digital fabrication training will be granted scheduling opportunities for the equipment they are trained on. Weekly sign-ups will happen the Sunday evening before the week starts. Members wishing to utilize more than their weekly allowance will be able to utilize the equipment during unscheduled time slots. Any time slots not claimed by the morning of will be considered unscheduled and available for first come first serve status.

Material Fee Includes >>

10 hours a month guaranteed for 3D printing, 4 hours a month guaranteed for laser and 1 yard of Calendar vinyl. No material is provided for laser or CNC. Additional opportunities available for all digital fab equipment on a first come first serve basis. CNC will cut, wood products, most plastics, circuit boards. All other materials such as glue, tape, staples are supplied until monthly materials budget is depleted.


Monthly Memberships


Monthly memberships can be purchased for the following dates. Note there are no partial time periods.

January, 1/7-1/31
February, 2/4 -2/28
March, 3/4 - 3/29
April, 4/1 - 4/30


Semester Membership


Semester memberships can be purchased for the following period:

January 28th - May 27

Code of Conduct/Stewardship of Space Expectations
All members are required to adhere to safety standards. In addition respect and civility while using the collaborative space is a requirement.

See the Makerspace Handbook for additional details.