Help Others Become Makers

Makerspace Mentors are also often at the Makerspace to offer guidance and input. These are students who have completed Digital Fabrication classes here at Cabrillo, or who have expert industry experience. 

Mentors can assist members with using the equipment, and collaborating on project ideas!



Exemplary Art 95A and Art 95B students will be considered.

A reliable worker to help with two 3 hour shifts weekly, helping others, daily tasks and maintenance of the space and equipment.



Demonstrations on free demo days, Guide Makerspace members with scheduling and operation of digital fabrication equipment, project consulting, and stewardship of the Makerspace.



As a Makerspace mentor, you will have access to all the video demos and digital fabrication you can handle. You can potentially even get reduced memberships and workshop fees!


Looking To Become a Mentor?

You can begin your Makerspace journey by enrolling in ART 95A.

There you will automatically be entered into a safety primer as well as learn operation of most digital fabrication equipment.


If your an industry expert and would like to volunteer, please contact us.